Caf Review: Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna


Shane Shuma ’22, Life & Style Columnist

The other day I walked into the dining hall, uninspired but still hoping that I would find something delicious. I hadn’t even bothered looking at the menu posted on the wall, as I had been disappointed with it for a few days. 

The first thing I saw walking into the dining hall was my friend, completely devouring a plate of a mystery substance. I walked over to him and saw lasagna, but not just any lasagna. It was filled with mushrooms and spinach and had no sauce on top. Honestly, it looked a little disturbing, but I decided to give it a try. 

When I sat back down after returning from the extremely long Caf line, I took a big bite out of the piece of unappetizing lasagna and the first word that came into my mind was DRY. It was good, but it definitely needed something on top that added more flavor and moisture. I went over to the pasta bar and took some meat sauce and drenched my plate with it. This addition of pasta sauce made the meal complete and I can honestly say it was one of the best meals I have had in the Caf. 

The mushrooms added a nice texture and semi-crunch to the dish, while the cheese was soft and juicy. The noodles were neither burnt nor too soft, and the sauce on top added a little punch of flavor. 

After getting halfway through my third plate of lasagna I decided enough was enough and left the Caf before I ate the school into bankruptcy. While the lasagna on its own was not particularly impressive, adding my own little spin on it definitely elevated the meal. 

After this meal I have made it a practice to walk into the dining hall without looking at the menu first, because when you have no expectations you can only be pleasantly surprised, which I am almost every time I visit the Caf now.