Fashion Column: Sasha Quinlan ’22


Jacob DeCarli ’22 , Associate News Editor

Majors: Since Sasha is a first-year, she is currently undeclared.

On-Campus Activities: Sasha is involved with Synergy Dance, DTones A Capella and the Red Devils Sports Network (RDSN).

Hobbies: In her free time, Sasha enjoys singing, doing makeup, dancing and watching Grey’s Anatomy.

Fashion Inspiration: Ariana Grande is her fashion inspiration. “I think her style brings inspiration from different eras and creates a fusion between modern styles and timeless classics,” Sasha said. 

Favorite Color: Sasha enjoys wearing all shades of pink. 

Favorite Pieces: “I would say my favorite pieces to wear are fit and flare dresses” Sasha explained, “…I’m not a huge fan of pants, so skirts and dresses are staples for me.” In the winter, she pairs a dress with tights or high boots to stay warm. 

Favorite Stores: Sasha shops at smaller stores to help her find more unique pieces from the rest of her peers. “I really like Australian online boutiques like Sabo Skirt because they have unique pieces that still fit modern fashion” she said. 

Describing Her Style: Sasha describes her style as extremely girly. “I love dresses and skirts paired with high boots…sometimes I sneak yoga pants and an oversized sweater into the mix,” she explained. 

Fashion Motto: “I would encourage everyone to dress in what makes them feel confident” Sasha stated, “I personally feel like I perform better in classes and have better interactions with people when I dress up a bit and feel put together.” 

Additionally, Sasha feels that whatever people feel comfortable in is important. She explained, “It really isn’t about what’s ‘in’ but more about what makes you feel the best and what encourages you to be your best self each day!”