Red Devil of the Week: Taeya Viruet ’20


Taeya Viruet ’20 is from Harlem, N.Y. She is a double major in philosophy and Africana studies. In the future, she can see herself starting out with a non-profit, helping troubled youth of color get access to a variety of opportunities and educational resources. 

Taeya is a Feminist Collective facilitator and shared her perspective on the term “feminism.” “Feminism, to me, I think is historically a loaded word, especially for women of color, but as it’s moved out if its third wave, and the meaning of it has evolved… ever since intersectionality was introduced to it…I think I find my place in feminism where it recognizes the intersectionalities of my identity,” she said, “so me being Afro-Latina, me being queer and me being poor… when I speak about feminism or I speak about things surrounding feminism I see that I can have conversations about those things, and for me that’s one of the most liberating things here at Dickinson.” 

If Taeya could have a meal with anyone it would be Sonia Sanchez, a poet and activist who was involved in the Black Arts Movement. “Art for me, as a queer person of color, has mediated a lot of the ways I’ve perceived myself, and its also just been therapeutic. Seeing people being able to express themselves in different ways for me is beautiful,” she said.

She would be happy to see more art around campus. Taeya can envision us at Dickinson reaching out to the Carlisle community and the greater Pennsylvania region, and inviting people of color to exhibit their work around town.