Fashion Column: Brian Ta ’22


Jacob DeCarli ’22 , Associate News Editor

Major: Brian has not declared a major yet, but he will potentially study French and Francophone studies and creative writing. 

On-campus Activities: Brian is involved with French club, German club and the martial arts club. Additionally, he serves as a Trout Gallery ambassador. 

Describing His Style: “I don’t have a fixed style, I play with my styles a lot” Brian said. He loves jeans and other colorful pieces that are not too flamboyant. “I just put on clothes and decide whether it works or not.”

What Makes His Style Unique: Brian’s style is not fixed, and he never likes to look the same. “I mix my clothes around and experiment with different styles,” he said. 

Favorite Stores: Thrift stores and Urban Outfitters are just a few places where Brian enjoys shopping for clothes. 

Fashion Inspiration: “I don’t really model fashion from any specific celebrity,” Brian explained, “When I see someone with a style or outfit that I like, I try that for myself and see if I like it.”

Importance of Fashion: Brian feels that fashion, “…brings color and freshness and boosts confidence.”

Fashion Motto: “Don’t be afraid to experiment and see for yourself what works.”