Red Devil of the Week: Liz Zaragoza ’22


Liz Zaragoza ’22 is from Los Angeles, and although she’s undeclared she is interested in pursuing a major in the humanities. 

“I come from a safe bubble,” she said when asked about her experience moving to Carlisle. “[Moving to Pennsylvania] provided me knowledge that I know I wouldn’t have acquired if I wouldn’t have left home,” she said. She has adapted to the culture shocks so far and looks forward to growing even more over the next few years.

Upon being asked what she sees herself doing in the future, she said, “My goal has always been to give back to my community and where I come from. The ideal would be to go back and work at a nonprofit where I used to volunteer as a high schooler… obviously plans change… but I know just being here is me giving back to my own community because I don’t know anyone who has left.”