Watching in a Winter Wonderland: Top 10 Winter Movies

Alexandra Fosbury ’21, Life & Style Editor

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Since fall came to an abrupt end this year, it’s that time of the year to hide away in your dorm and procrastinate studying for finals with a classic winter movie. I developed a list of what I think are 10 of the best movies to watch during the winter season. So grab your coziest blanket and warmest pair of fuzzy socks and get ready to push your stress aside with a few winter classics!

1. Love Actually

There must be something about British accents and Christmas that go hand-in-hand for me because Love Actually is one of my go-to holiday movies. While not every plot line is thoroughly fleshed out (Jamie Bennett, played by Colin Firth, and Aurelia played by Lúcia Moniz) as others, Love Actually does a great job of balancing the witty, funny, tragic and heartwarming aspects and creating a classic winter movie. 

2. Home Alone

Home Alone is another movie that, like Elf, will have you both laughing and saying “aw” the entire time. Kevin’s (Macaulay Culkin) ability to navigate New York City as well as outsmart two dull thieves all after his family forgot him for Christmas is a plot that is just outlandish enough to work perfectly. While Home Alone 2 was also wholesome, all other Home Alone renditions do not match up. 

3. The Polar Express

I can never think about this movie without a smile crossing my face. The Polar Express is a movie that embodies the spirit of Christmas while also sharing a genuinely hopeful story about friendship. I instantly become attached to all of the characters in the movie and want nothing but the best for the young children on the train. While this isn’t a Christmas musical or a live action movie, it still holds the same magic as any other holiday movie (if not more).

4. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Now this may be my childhood obsession with the Harry Potter franchise speaking, but I think that Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone perfectly embodies the warmth of winter, with a magical twist. To me, nothing says wintertime more than the image of the Great Hall covered in food and a winter wonderland glistening on the ceiling. 

5. Elf

A fantastic mixture of comedy and holiday cheer, Will Ferrell shines as Buddy the elf, who heads to New York in search of his real father after being raised by Santa’s elves. While some people find this movie overrated, I think it is a wholesome movie that can put anyone in the Christmas spirit.

6. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Another holiday comedy, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation will have you cracking up and cringing the entire time. A chaotic Christmas is bad enough, but adding strange distant family members to the mix would drive me over the edge. In the case of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, however, it only adds to the hilarity.

7. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

Everybody loves the story of the Grinch whose heart grows bigger and bigger until he explodes with love for the holiday season and I am no exception. The live-action version of the Grinch in my personal favorite because Jim Carey does a great job of playing such a nasty, eccentric character. Of course, Max is my favorite character in the entire movie (who doesn’t love an adorable dog with a fake reindeer horn?).

8. A Charlie Brown Christmas

As one of the few cartoons on this list, A Charlie Brown Christmas embodies the wholesome, unifying spirit of Christmas with some of everyone’s favorite cartoon characters. 

9. It’s a Wonderful Life

While this movie isn’t as light as the others on this list, It’s a Wonderful Life is hailed as another classic holiday that has a heartwarming message about appreciating life. Despite its generally morose plot, It’s a Wonderful Life will leave you feeling warm.

10. Frozen

While I think that there are a hoard of other Disney movies that rank higher than Frozen on my list of best overall movies, this is a light, heartfelt story that fits in with the winter theme. The music, of course, is extremely catchy and even if you claim to hate Frozen and every musical number, I can almost guarantee that you will end up singing along. 

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