Let’s Get Reel: You

Let’s Get Reel: You

Alexandra Fosbury ’21 , Life & Style Editor

Social media has been buzzing with Tweets about one of Netflix’s new original series, You. The show has been under fire for creating an extremely controversial character: Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley). Joe could be considered either the protagonist or antagonist, depending on who you asked. While Penn Badgley is a good looking actor, the character of Joe is supposed to be a deranged stalker that does unspeakable things in order to get closer to the woman he thinks he loves, Beck (Elizabeth Lail).

The first episode alone was enough to turn me completely off to Joe. However, seeing the shift from creepy stalker to charming young bibliophile does call attention to the serious danger women and men face every day, especially through the constant use of social media.

The fact that Joe is able to find Beck’s house and learn about all of her friends and family with just a few searches on Facebook draws attention to how dangerous social media can be when used excessively or carelessly.

Despite that semi-thoughtful message along with the striking example of the dangers women face on a day to day basis, I still think that Netflix ultimately created this series to attract young women with a scary plot and hot main character.

The show has plenty of fun plot twists and horrifying moments, so if you want a show that has equal parts scary and dramatic, I would suggest You as the next show you quickly binge over a long break.