Listen Up: Sucker

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Listen Up: Sucker

Sarah Manderbach ’22, Guest Columnist

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When I was growing up, people were obsessed with the Jonas Brothers. I mean, who wasn’t in 2008? They were young, attractive, had amazing personalities and their songs were always big hits. To find out that the brothers decided to finally get back together after a six-year departure from their band came as a massive shock to people. However, they did not disappoint when they dropped a single out of nowhere.

“Sucker” is a very upbeat song, which seems to combine styles from both Nick Jonas’s solo career and Joe Jonas’s band DNCE. The lyrics portray someone that the boys are completely infatuated with and would go to great lengths for. It’s very sweet and very much a shift from the lighter topics that the band covered during their earlier years, such as an alternate future in the song “Year 3000.”

One of the aspects to the song that can be both a negative and a positive is the simplicity of the instrumentation throughout the track. The beat is extremely catchy but can leave an experienced Jonas Brothers fan expecting a little bit more of their musical talent. However, the plus to this is that it puts the vocals of the brothers front and center, which is essential in demonstrating their growth musically since the band separated.

The new song wasn’t the only thing that the Jonas Brothers dropped at the start of March. The band’s Vevo account on YouTube also released a music video at the same time at midnight, which is currently at 77.5 million views. 

The video is definitely an evolution from the past videos the band had created. It takes place in a luxurious mansion in Europe and includes almost every amenity that people with wealth can acquire, including extravagant attire, crazy dinner parties and excessive amounts of food. The overall tone of the video is much more mature as there are hints of their lives when the cameras aren’t around.

Another fun touch of the video was that the brothers had their wives featured with them in almost every scene. It’s a subtle but real way of showing the viewers how much the Jonas Brothers have really grown now that they are living their own lives.

Overall, “Sucker” is a great way to reintroduce a classic band into the modern era, and I am excited to see what else they have in store for us.