Caf Review: German Dinner was a Winner

Shane Shuma ’22, Lifee & Style Columnist

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During the first week of March, German Club hosted their annual German Dinner in the Social Hall. I was compelled to go, not only because my friends and fellow students from German class were there, but because I knew the food would be excellent. In my opinion one of the major culinary influences that the dining hall often lacks is German food. There might be the occasional sauerkraut with hotdogs in the entree section of the Caf, but more complete German dishes would be appreciated. When I got to the dinner I was pacing anxiously just waiting for the food to be served. 

As the event staff started revealing the food, its aroma hit my nose like a brick and I sprinted over to get in line. When I looked upon the selection of food I was not disappointed. There was bratwurst, potato latkes, applesauce, salad, cake, ice cream, sauerkraut, bread and best of all, asparagus. When I saw that asparagus was on the menu, and in abundant supply, I knew that they meant business. 

As I sat down, I looked over and saw my friend eating his latkes with something mixed on top of them. I asked him what it was, and he told me that he had combined applesauce with his latkes. I took his culinary advice and was shocked to find that the sweet flavor of the applesauce and its texture mixed perfectly with starchiness of the potatoes. The way that these two ingredients matched, however, was not exclusive to this one dish. 

The vanilla ice cream at the event meshed perfectly with the chocolate and cherry cake. Also, the sourness and crunchiness of the sauerkraut complimented the firmness and juiciness of the bratwurst. The fantastic culinary experience I had at the German dinner will ensure that I will attend the event every year, along with its great guests and cultural education.