Caf Review: Shrimp Tempura Roll

Shane Shuma ’22, Life & Style Columnist

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One time I walked into the SNAR yearning for something different. I usually have a deli salad, but I was in the mood for something sweet and savory at the same time. 

As I looked to my right while walking in, I spotted the solution to my problem, sushi. Sushi is one of my favorite foods. I love its versatility and the many ingredients that can go into such a dish. Sushi is so versatile, that there is even a restaurant in Orlando where they combine burgers and sushi to make “Burgooshi.” 

I believe Dickinson is also creative with its sushi. There is sushi that contains eel, imitation crab, salmon, tofu, tuna and avocado. 

My favorite one of all though, is the shrimp tempura roll. The shrimp tempura roll has a nice crunch which meshes well with the chewiness of the rice. The cucumber placed delicately next to the shrimp also helps amplify the crunchiness of the dish. 

There is also avocado inside the roll which helps bind it together and add a creamy texture for a nice contrast. The sauce on top of the sushi adds a layer of sweetness while the saltiness of the soy sauce provides a nice counter balance. 

I recommend the dish for anyone who is having sushi at Dickinson for the first time as it provides a nice preview to the diverse selection of rolls with its well-blended flavors and many ingredients.