Club Spotlight: Latin American Caribbran Club (LACC)

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Club Spotlight: Latin American Caribbran Club (LACC)

Kristina Rodriguez ’19, Opinion Editor

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Latin American and Caribbean Club (LACC) is an organization whose purpose is “to bring cultural awareness to each culture represented in Spanish speaking countries” as well as to “be an inclusive community that acknowledges the Latinx and other gender-neutral identities” according to its constitution.  

“As an identifying Latina in a PWI [Predominantly White Institution], I find it very important for minorities to have a space where that can converse, share and collaborate in a respectful manner. I joined LACC because I felt that the initiative aligned with my own morals of inclusivity, awareness and fun,” said the director of advertisement for LACC, Danielle Paz ’21. 

“My favorite LACC event so far has been 2018 Noche de Baile because it made me see how successful an event can be when a group of passionate and hardworking people come together despite limited funding and resources,” said Gabi McGinty ’21, director of LACC. “What was really successful about this event is that it attracted non-latinx identifying students as well, which fosters true inclusivity. I think Dickinson needs to focus more attention and resources to these sorts of cultural social events.”

Paz also reflected on her favorite event, adding “So far my favorite event has been the Empanada Sale. I’m so happy to see all kinds of identifying people coming together and spending time together over a traditional Mexican plate. It’s exercising our nation’s original priority of viewing our country as a ‘melting pot.’”

Saturday, April 6, LACC is hosting a Carnaval Dance Workshop, which will be held in the HUB dance studio at 7 p.m. and is leading up to the organization’s own version of Carnaval behind the New Residence Hall on High Street from 4-8 p.m. There will be free food at the Carnaval event. You can RSVP to both events on EngageD. 

The club welcomes all students to participate, not only individuals who identify as Latinx. LACC meets Wednesdays at 7 p.m. and you can follow them on Instagram @dickinson_lacc or on Facebook at Dickinson’s LACC. For more questions or ways to get involved in the club they can be reached at [email protected]

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