Red Devil of the Week: Burhan Khan ’21


How does Los Angeles remind you of your home?: “The wave of nostalgia touched my soul the moment I stepped out of airport from L.A. The weather, the roads, the trees and the mountains; everything was very relatable to my beautiful homeland: Islamabad, Pakistan. When we reached near our Airbnb, I was surprised yet incredibly happy to have found the streets and houses so familiar to Islamabad. On the top of that, having such an amazing and diverse group of people in the trip, gave me the warm feeling of family in home. We all made lifetime memories and shared inspiring stories at this beautiful city. I, basically, found home in L.A.: home that I haven’t seen since one whole year. Home whose tickets I search almost every week. Home that feels closest to the touch of the fabric of Dad’s shirt he wears and then a close second smell of Mom’s hands. Home that I don’t know if or when I will get to visit. And, that’s life:  you fell in and out of places, you went away from home and found some and redefined it again and again and maybe, home is what pangs your heart as you read this sitting somewhere, you’ll be there again.”