Caf Review: Hot Dogs and Toppings Bar


Shane Shuma '22, Contributing Author

Last Saturday I walked into the Caf for lunch starving as I had forgone breakfast for sleep. I sat down with my friend and asked him if there was anything he would recommend eating in the caf that day. With wide eyes he stated that the hot dogs being served were great, and even the chili tasted good. So, I went up to the entrée bar and looked down the rows of metal trays. I noticed immediately how appealing the food in the caf line looked the moment it was my turn in line. I saw delicious looking ¼1b hot dogs, fresh buns, hot chili, melted cheese, and crispy sauerkraut all waiting to be eaten. I decided that the first thing I was going to try was a hotdog with sauerkraut, so I asked the person at the bar to make me one. I took it back to my table and began eating it. It was fantastic. The hot dog was not tough in any way but firm enough to keep its shape, the sauerkraut was crispy with a strong flavor, and the bun was strong enough to hold it all in quite well. When I went back up for round two I ordered chili on my hot dog, as I wondered if it was going to be good or very, very bad. I sat down to try the second dog and was quite impressed. Usually chilis will just include meat in a sauce and lack real flavor, but I could tell there were many different flavors at work in the mix. My palate isn’t experienced enough to pinpoint the exact ones, but they were in there. If you are looking for a meal that will fill you up but still pack a good flavor, I recommend the hot dog and toppings bar in the caf whenever it’s open.