Fashion Spotlight: Lily Eidelberg

Julia Dixon ‘23, Guest Columnist

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Major: As a first-year, Lilly has not declared a major, but has expressed interest in both Environmental Studies and Education. 

Activities on Campus:  

Having recently gone to the club fair, Lilly signed up for clubs such as Ultimate Frisbee, and a volunteer program on the farm that works to educate children about sustainable farming and where their food comes from.  

 Describing Their Style:  

Lilly describes her style as bright and colorful, wearing pieces that she feels confident in, while trying to balance fashion with practicality and comfort. She says, “I really like ‘kid’ colors” and potent colors” and stating that her fashion is influenced by those she sees around her. When she sees someone wearing something interesting she like to adopt her own version of it. Lilly also says her fashion is influenced by living in NYC, a place where fashion is born and bred and people use otherwise odd objects or clothing pieces and turn it into fashion. 

 What Makes Their Style Unique:  

Lilly thinks that her style is really about wearing bright colors and dressing to reflect how she is feeling. Saying that when someone crosses the street and sees someone wearing bright colors it can put a smile on their face, even if it is like “what is she wearing”. She also likes the idea of using things that are considered non-conventional and using it as a part of a look; nothing has to be uniform and wearing things one enjoys wearing will be reflected in the rest of their day. 

Favorite Stores:

Her favorite stores are Uniqlo, GAP, thrift stores and Forever 21, saying everyone can find good quality pieces for cheap if they look. She also suggests that if you see something and debating about whether or not to get it you should ask yourself “will it make you happy”. 

 Favorite Era of Fashion: 

Lilly loves many eras and states that she loves the colors of the 2000’s, the chill vibe from the 90’s, as well as incorporating pieces, such as a style of neckline or lace detail that looks Victorian or 19th century. 

 Importance of Fashion in daily life:  

Lilly believes that fashion tells a lot about people, and that while basing an opinion off of what someone wear seems shallow, but often fashion is used as an outlet to express yourself and you can therefore get a small idea about who they are. She also says that fashion is a great conversation starter and makes people feel good about themselves when you complement something they are wearing. Lilly also thinks that when you wear something that makes you happy, you will be happier, because feeling confident in an outfit, no matter what is happening in your life, has a “feel good” effect in knowing that you look good. 

 Fashion motto/advice: 

“Wear what makes you happy… and wear what’s comfortable for you.”