Weekly Caf Review: What Happened to the Salmon?

Lisa Clair ‘21, Life & Style Editor

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Last Sunday, I excitedly went into the cafeteria for dinner ready to eat one of my favorite meals at the caf: Asian Marinated salmon with a side of roasted sweet potatoes and roasted broccoli. Sadly enough, I could tell from the start that Dickinson’s caf content has really gone downhill. The salmon seemed a little off, while the broccoli was clearly not roasted and the sweet potatoes were not even sweet potatoes, but regular potatoes covered in orange spices. Still hopeful, I returned back to my table and started eating the meal. Though discouraged, I surprised myself when I started to eat it. It was actually not that bad– the salmon was not dry, and though the potatoes were not sweet potatoes as expected, the seasoning on them was still pretty good. Combining the two was also a pretty good move. The broccoli, however, was still a little disappointing. Though flavorful, it came in really large curds that needed to be cut, and it did not have the salty, roasted flavor I was excited for. While I would not necessarily call this caf meal terrible, it has definitely been demoted from one of the caf’s best meals to just another adequate/slightly above average caf meal. I would not say no to eating this meal again but it is no longer a meal to look forward to.