Club Spotlight: Synergy Dance Team

Caroline Strapp ‘22, Life & Style Columnist

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Synergy is our campus’s resident dance team, though not to be confused with our cheer team. While you might see both teams at sports games, they are two very separate groups. Synergy is a jazz-based dance group that has been a part of our campus for over five years. You might see them performing at the halftimes of football and basketball games and also at arts events like Apollo night and CASA Carnival alongside Dickinson’s other preforming arts groups. Dance itself is both a sport and an art form, and Synergy’s diverse mix of performance venues is a physical representation of that idea. 

The Synergy team is made up of women who love to dance; each of them have several years of experience under their belt. Synergy is completely student run, which means in addition to preforming, they also choreograph all their own material and secure their own performances. Creating choreography is not restricted to captains or seniors either. All members of the team are strongly encouraged to coreograph dances, which can either been seen at places like games and art events or in their Synergy Spring Show. Synergy’s annual spring show allows them the opportunity to show off all their skills. You might see any style of dance at this show from jazz, to tap, to ballet or contemporary, this is when these women really get to show you what they can do. 

As for how they pull this all off, the Synergy team requires lots of practice. They meet three times a week and though three, two-hour practices may seem daunting; there is a lot of talking and goofing around in addition to the dancing. If you’re a dancer on campus and looking for a fun, student run group with some level of technique required, but not an overwhelming time commitment, Synergy is where you should go. Although they have already had their fall auditions, there will be more in the spring semester, but also feel free to reach out to the team they would love to hear from you! 

In fact if you are looking to find some fellow dancers you’ve found the right place. Many of the team’s members would agree with one of their captains Carolina Celedon when she says “I love synergy because it has allowed me to become friends with people I wouldn’t have otherwise met.” Her words are echoed by a senior member who has been on the team since her first semester freshman year and a captain since her sophomore year, “I joined Synergy because I was interested in continuing to dance in college. I love Synergy because it introduced me to new friends who share the same passion for dance as I do. The team has such a fun atmosphere and I wish I could be a part of it for 4 more years”. Synergy just had their first performance of the year debuting their new members at the homecoming football game’s halftime this past Saturday and has their next performance at CASA Carnival on October 12th!