Let’s Get Reel: “New In Town” with John Mulaney

Lisa Clair ‘21, Life & Style Editor

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Last Tuesday afternoon, I was scrolling through Netflix looking for a show to unwind after classes with that is not The Office. Remembering my sister’s constant recommendation of John Mullaney stand-up shows, I randomly searched him and clicked on the first show I saw. The stand up show I clicked on was called “New In Town”. 

I do not usually watch stand-up comedy, because I normally like to watch a show with an actual plot with different characters. However, one upside from stand-up comedy I rather enjoy is that you can just listen to and focus on the stories without having to watch John Mullaney himself. I found myself moving around the room and doing chores while still being entertained by John Mullaney and even after I sat down I did not feel like I missed a thing. 

Even though Jun Mullaney essentially just stood on stage and lectured his audience for an hour, I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish. He just spoke of his daily life, the people he runs into around the city, the people he is friends with and experiences from his childhood. I instantly fell in love with John Mullaney’s humor. He does such a good job with retelling stories, and twisting them in a way that makes them humorous without crossing the line of being hurtful or finding humor at the expense of others. Any time he does poke fun at others, he keeps it lighthearted and non-offensive. His humor is anything but negative and cynical, and leaves you feeling uplifted. Excerpts from this sketch that I definitely recommend watching are of his drinking escapades in high school and his criticism of the New York Post. Also very highly recommended is his storied attempt to indirectly get a Xanax prescription from his doctor that goes horribly wrong. “New In Town” is a comedy act that will have you laughing out loud from beginning to end, and if you are looking for a good study break that will also lighten your mood, I would highly recommend pulling up this act on Netflix.