Caf Creation: Salmon Burger with Cold Noodle Salad

Ngan Do ‘22, Guest Columnist

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This dish will just take you less than five minutes to be done since all you have to do is to grab a salmon burger from the entrée and the noodle salad from the salad bar (with some dressing if you want to). 

The salmon burger glazed with sweet and salty Hoisin sauce is absolutely on point; however, a fresh flavor from the noodles, and the crunchiness from the bell pepper and cucumber makes the salad a perfect side dish for the soft and juicy salmon. Appearance wise, the colorful vibe from the salad itself adds up to the only pink color from the salmon, turning the casual lunch at the caf into something more appealing.

Overall, please try to do this whenever you have a chance and see how you like it!

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