Fall Pause Adventures

Lisa Clair ‘21, Life & Style Editor

Fall pause, though short and flies by quickly, still provides enough days off for students to go and do a wide range of activities, travel, and different forms of relaxation; it is for the most part a great respite for students to get off campus, visit friends, explore a new city or just relax at home. Here are how some students chose to embrace their fall pause:

Some students enjoyed their fall pause my going home and relaxing. “I went home to spend some quality time with my family. It was great to eat at good restaurants and breweries, see how my hometown is changing, and get home cooking for a change”, Preston MacLean ’20 said. Alex Sowanick ’21 said that she spent her fall pause by going to her hometown of Princeton, New Jersey to “relax and spend time with [her] family. It was great to take a break from the stress of school”. 

Other students, on a different note, enjoyed their time off of school while not leaving campus. “While I stayed on campus over fall pause, my mother and brother came up from Florida to visit me. It was really great because it was the first time my brother has seen a college campus, and the first time my mother has seen Dickinson since she moved me in Freshman year. We also travelled a little bit around the Pennsylvania area and visited Hershey Park and Indian Echo Cave”, said Alice Reichfeld ’21. 

Some students chose not to relax as much as utilize their fall pause to go explore new cities, or have fun with friends either on or off Dickinson’s campus. “A few friends and I decided to go to NYC”, says Alondra Alvarez ’20. “We stayed in a hotel on the Upper West Side of Manhattan for three days! It was so nice to get off campus and make lasting memories with my friends before graduating.” Lauren Brumfield ’20, said “I went to visit my friend who is an alumnus of Dickinson in Boston. We had a lot of fun and even got to see a cool play!” Natura Sant Foster ’20, traveled down to Austin, Texas for her fall pause. “While there I ate my weight in barbecue, enjoyed the warm weather which Carlisle so quickly robbed of us, explored quirky stores and art galleries, and learned a lot about Texas history that I had not known before”, she said, “… I still had one heck of a time in Austin”.