Album Review: Midnight by ‘Set it Off’

Sarah Manderbach ‘22, Life & Style Columnist

The rock group “Set it Off” has been off the grid for the last few years. With their last major album being released in 2015, it was a huge surprise for a new album to drop in the beginning of 2019 after a nearly five year absence. 

Their newest album, titled “Midnight,” has fifteen tracks, each providing a different twist to the listener’s experience. Some of their songs, such as “Killer in the Mirror” and “Dancing with the Devil” show off the band’s darker side, which they are known for in their earlier works. It radiates a kind of dangerous feeling, almost as if the listener is being pulled into the pain, anger and ferocious energy that the band produces. 

This thrill of danger carries into their music videos for a lot of their tracks off the album. One of which is “Lonely Dance.” Although the song focuses on the pride one should have of spending time alone instead of with people all of the time, the music video features dark tones of the band being hunted down by an alien creature, who happens to be the main singer of the group.

Along the lines of the main vocalist, Cody Carson does an excellent job of reverberating his feelings through the music, as if it is specifically directed at the listener and wants them to feel how he feels through every lyric he sings. 

Another refreshing theme to “Midnight” is the variety of topics throughout the discography. It goes from destruction of a friendship to learning to be okay with spending time alone and back to heartbreak. If there was an overarching idea to the album, it would have to be discovering one’s worth to be able to break off toxic relationships as well as appreciating one’s self worth. 

These are the songs that I could rock out to in any situation, whether it be in my room working on school stuff to walking to class every day. “Midnight” is a great comeback for an extremely underrated rock group.