Caf Hack: Granola and Milk For a Healthy Breakfast

Ngan Do ‘22, Life & Style Columnist

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I used to eat cereal for most breakfasts ever since I first entered the Caf. However, this habit stopped since I discovered that mixing granola with milk (I normally use two percent type) is such a good combination, especially for breakfast. 

Firstly, I substitute cereal with granola for the simple reason that granola is a lot healthier than the cereal since granola includes of oats, nuts, seeds and dried fruit, while cereal contains quite a high amount of sugar. Furthermore, when eating the crunchy granola which is put into a bowl of milk, you do not feel the dryness of granola anymore; otherwise, the granola still maintain its crunchiness and not pappy at all. Also, if you try to taste the milk only, you can feel a little bit of sweetness from the ingredients of the granola.  

Making this dish would take less than two minutes since all you have to do is to grab a bowl near the entree, take some milk, and put some granola in it. There are two types of granola in the Caf: one has coconuts in it and the other does not, so pick the one that you like. Finally, grab a spoon, mix up the granola a little bit and you can enjoy it as a nutritious and easy-to-make breakfast.