Caf Creation: Dessert Waffles!

Eloise Nimoityn ‘21 , Guest Columnist

“Waffle, question mark? Uhm, yes!”, exclaims Sarah Wojtczak ‘22 on the daily. The Dickinson Women’s Squash team has been displaying their creative culinary skills lately in the Caf. Team dinner is not complete without a dessert waffle, in which we all gather around the table to share. We make the waffle by first putting batter into the waffle maker, and only recently have we begun to add m&ms to the batter, which was inspired by a fellow student. The waffle maker perfectly cooks the waffle in about 4 minutes, and this provides the base for all of the toppings. Then, once the waffle is made, we add nutella, ice cream, and a vast array of toppings, including but not limited to: m&ms, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, Reese’s, Oreos, and Snickers. Squash is known to be the sport where you burn the most calories, and we have begun to crave this dish after each very tough practice. It has become a squash team tradition, and will surely be continued to be enjoyed at team dinners in the weeks, months, and years to come. When asked about this squash tradition, Courtney Trail ‘22 said, “we can squash, we can dance, but our real passion is food.” We are a multi-talented team, and creativity in the kitchen is one of our strong talents. Even the @dsoncafhacks account on Instagram recognized the innovative creation of the dessert waffle and featured a photo on the account. Lastly, freshman Jocelyn Feliciano ‘23, a proud team member, wonders why no other team on campus has hopped onto the bandwagon with this caf-hack. She states,  “your team could never.”