Caf Review: Hamburgers

Shane Shuma ‘22, Life & Style Columnist

Once a week, I go to the SNAR and grab a hamburger. I’m a plain Jane, so I always order my hamburgers plain, though I might add onions and peppers if I want to switch things up. The only problem with SNAR burgers is that as someone who pays for food with declining balance, they can be a bit of a rip-off. For the money it costs to get a drink I could go to McDonald’s and get three hamburgers and a large soda. However, I keep coming back because the cooks at the SNAR know how to cook a burger right. 

     Last week I went to the Caf with some friends without looking at the menu on the outside door beforehand. When I asked one of my friends who had been sitting in the Caf what was available to eat, he mentioned burgers. Now, I have had Caf burgers before, but I had never performed a critical comparative analysis between SNAR and Caf burgers. So, I went up to the entrée bar and ordered two plain hamburgers. I then proceeded to sit down and taste them. They were well cooked: not overly cooked to the point of burning but not undercooked that I was afraid to eat them. They were just right, very similar to how SNAR burgers are made. The buns were also nearly identical. After completing my analysis, I concluded that he best bang for your buck when you crave burgers and must choose between the Caf and SNAR is the Caf. There you can get unlimited burgers, and you don’t have to sell the rights to your firstborn child to get an extra patty if you so choose.