Red Devil Recipe: Fake Fried Rice

Drew Kaplan ‘20, Editor in Chief

=One of the better parts about studying abroad was the freedom in food. Oxford doesn’t have a meal plan like we do here, which allowed a good deal of experimentation in recipes and adapting American style college cooking to the English kitchen. One of my standby recipes was fake fried rice. The only fake part about it is that it uses fresh rice rather than fried rice proper, given that it doesn’t take nearly as long. This recipe really came about as a mashup of things from my spice cabinet, and has a big advantage in that one can make a week’s worth in a single sitting. The only thing that prevents this recipe from scaling is the size of the pots. Its also quite filling.

Ingredients (quantities to taste):

White Rice







Curry Powder



Soy Sauce

Mixed Vegetables to taste

*These ingredients can be either powdered or fresh.


Add the white rice to boiling water, then reduce the water to a simmering temperature. Once this step is complete, add all listed spices and cover the pot with a lid. While the rice cooks, dice vegetables, and add to a separate pot of boiling water. 

Take the eggs, crack and whisk them in a bowl. Then add them to a hot, well-oiled/buttered pan with salt and pepper. Beat the eggs as they cook in the pan to produce a fluffy effect. 

Back to the rice– once the rice is fully cooked (it will have absorbed all the boiling water once it is done, uncover the pot and add in the scrambled eggs. Remove the vegetables from heat, strain, and add the mixed vegetables. Mix until evenly stirred, add soy sauce to taste, and enjoy!