Caf Review: Cafsgiving Edition

Caf Review: Cafsgiving Edition

Tra Pham ‘23, Life & Style Columnist

On Wednesday, Nov. 13, the Caf threw a Cafsgiving dinner that got everyone lining up starting at 4 p.m. The entrée pleased me and my friends with all the classics: turkey, gravy served over creamy mashed potatoes, and sweet cranberry sauce. But let’s be honest with ourselves. Weren’t the desserts what we all looked forward to?

The social hall welcomed us with an array of incredible-looking desserts, from the quintessential pumpkin and apple pies to caramel cakes and Nutella layer cakes. The one I personally love the most was this creamy, dense, dark chocolate dessert in the upper right corner of the picture. I’m not one hundred percent sure what it is, either a crustless chocolate pie or a flourless chocolate cake. However, the dish is absolutely delicious, especially if you’re someone who go through half a chocolate bar in one sitting like me.

When you first press your fork in, you might think that is really hard and chewy since this is no fluffy chocolate cake with lots of air whipped into it. I’d imagine it was made of mostly pure chocolate with some extra butter and sugar (it’s probably not a good idea to know the calories hiding behind this deliciousness). But, as soon as you take a bit, it melts and dissolves into a lava of creamy and rich chocolate that blesses your taste buds. 

My main issue with most other cakes, especially the caramel layer cake in the upper left corner, is that they are an assault of sugar. The first few bites might be very pleasant, but after that I taste nothing else but sweetness. This cake, however, keeps me constantly coming back for more with its intensely dark, almost fruity, bittersweet flavor. I recommend serving it with a dollop of airy whipped cream just to balance things out a little bit.