Caf Review: KOVE Chicken Pot Pie & Mashed Potatoes

Lisa Clair ‘21, Life & Style Editor

Even though I was aware of the hype around the KOVE’s chicken pot pie and mashed potatoes, I never quite got around to trying it; I usually just found something else I like, and besides, I am typically a creature of habit and usually not one to try new foods. However, on Tuesday night, all of my friends were making their way to the KOVE, and still wanting to talk to them and jump in a shorter line, I joined in. 

The first thing I noticed when I arrived at the front of the line was the comforting aroma of the chicken pot pie and the mashed potatoes. The smell was really comforting, and smelled like a home cooked meal. After getting my plate, I noticed how homemade the pot pie specifically looked. Nothing looked defrosted one bit. The mashed potatoes, however, looked a little powdered, but I did not mind that. Additionally, everything held its shape and looked nice on my plate. 

When eating the chicken pot pie and mashed potatoes, I realized why everyone raved about it so much. The crust was flaky, the ingredients fresh and the gravy creamy. Anything that tasted a little dry was easily fixed when put next to a bite of mashed potatoes.

If I had to highlight one thing about the chicken pot pie and mashed potatoes combo, it would be the flak crust on top of the chicken pot pie. While it is served with the chicken pot pie, if they served it to me plain I would not care. It is the defining point of the chicken pot pie, and adds extra texture and flavor to contrast the generally similar taste of the mashed potatoes and the rest of the pot pie. 

The only issue I had with the pot pie and mashed potatoes is that it got a little bland, and everything started to taste the same at the end of the meal. Maybe some pepper could be added to fix this.