Listen Up: Manic

Listen Up: Manic

Sarah Manderbach ’22, Associate Opinion Editor

Halsey, despite her recent struggles as an artist as well as breakups with G-Eazy and Yungblood, dropped her third studio album titled Manic on January 17.

The name of the album suggests that the overall tone of the songs would be angry and aggressive. However, after writing her single “Nightmare,” Halsey admitted that she didn’t feel angry anymore, saying that “it feels good to get that off my chest.”

The result is a very calm and introspective record that has stolen the hearts of fans everywhere with her beautiful and touching lyrics (one of the biggest strengths of her album). Her first track is titled “Ashley,” Halsey’s real name and the inspiration for her stage name. This is the first time that Ashley speaks through out of all the albums produced. This song sets the tone for the rest of Manic because she not only reflects on her time as Halsey, but what she will leave behind if Halsey decides to stop producing music. 

Many other songs on the album reflect this sentiment. Another song is “SUGA’s Interlude,” which features a collaboration with SUGA from BTS. This track features their shared fear of what would happen if they let go of their passion for music, but also their acceptance of such fears. Another track where this happens it “929,” where Halsey discusses how a fan said that they need her or else they (the fans) would die. 

Another feature of Manic is the musicality of it all. There are three tracks on the album that blend directly into one another. The only way you can really tell you’re on to the next song is by looking at your phone or computer. It caught me off guard during my first listen, but it was beautifully crafted. 

Halsey does not hold back when it comes to being personal and letting Ashley show. For example, “More,” which can be seen in a romantic context, is actually about her multiple miscarriages and her hope to one day have kids. This idea is even emphasized in “You should be sad,” where she sings that she is so glad she never had a baby with G-Eazy, especially after he cheated on her with several girls. 

In its entirety, Manic is a beautiful story about Halsey’s fear and insecurities that she wanted to share with her fans. Manic is by far one of the better, if not the best, album she has released.