Caf Review: Italian Sausage

Shane Shuma ’22, Life & Style Columnist

Last week I went into the dining hall craving some Italian food. I had been disappointed recently with the quality of the pasta bar and was hoping to find some different food. I went up to the main entrée line and found some crab cakes. Now, I’m a big fan of the crab cakes in the Caf, but they weren’t what I was looking for. 

I also found some mozzarella sticks, and while they were a step in the right direction, my desire for new Italian food had not been satisfied. After I left the entrée bar, I went to the pasta bar to add more sauce to my mozzarella sticks because there usually isn’t enough sauce on them. I sat down with two friends and began enjoying my meal when I looked over at one of their plates. On this plate was an Italian sausage that looked delicious. I asked my friend, almost unable to contain my excitement, where he had found the sausage. 

I went to the side bar near the condiments station and found some fresh sausages that had the marking “gluten free” next to them. I wondered in the moment how many sausages I have eaten that have gluten in them and preceded to place them on my plate. I got some more sauce from the pasta bar in case they were dry and returned to my seat. The sausages were amazing. 

They were just tough enough to have a nice, solid crunch while still being tender. The flavor was also strong and tasted just as good as any Italian sausage I’ve had. 

I would definitely recommend the sausages to anyone who likes Italian food, quality meats or gluten free meat. I hope I have the opportunity to try them again.