All Booked Up: Raven


Sarah Manderbach ’22, Associate Opinion Editor

Growing up I was obsessed with the show Teen Titans. The world was so immersive and the characters and each of their individual story arcs were extremely well written and developed. One of my favorite characters was Raven, a seemingly goth and introverted girl who was actually the daughter of a powerful demon. 

To those that had never seen the show, it’s a character that seems extremely daunting. Or, if you’ve watched the horrid remake called Teen Titans Go, she’s a character who comes off both lovable and will kill you with a snap of her finger. 

However, one author has decided to remake these characters in a modern light. Her name is Kami Garcia and she has written Raven into our modern world and a mystery of who she is as a person.

Keeping with the style of Raven’s origins with the comics of DC, the author and her artist compatriot have made the book a graphic novel. The style is very much like a comic book, although the color schemes are very fitting to that of Raven’s character, who primarily wears dark colors and edgy clothing. There is usually a lack of bright colors, resulting in mostly muted colors, except for extremely important scenes where the use of colors is essential. 

The plot itself completely derives itself from what is the norm for Raven, who escapes to Earth after finding out her father is returning to power. Instead, this story involves Raven losing her memory and not remembering who she is or what had transpired following a car crash with her adoptive mother. It’s an interesting twist for those who are fans from the original show and a great way to bring in newer fans. 

On the topic of newer fans, the plot and the writing seamlessly bring in characters that the most hardcore of fans will recognize, such as Slade and Max, whose identity I will keep secret as a means of avoiding spoilers. But the plot brought these characters into a newer perspective and, as a result, helps readers foster a fondness for these characters. 

As of now, Garcia plans on making this into a series, with the next member of the Teen Titans to be featured is Beast Boy. If you are a fan of the show Teen Titans or a lover of graphic novels, Raven is for you.