Caf Hacks for a Healthy Eater: Eggs, Hummus and Pita, and Steamed Veggies


Lisa Clair ’21, Life & Style Columnist

Do you ever get sick of the entree options the Dickinson caf has to offer? How does another night of boneless wing toss make you feel? Being a picky eater and having spent nearly three years navigating the Caf, I have developed all sorts of meal hacks that are both healthy and satisfying. Here are a few of them; enjoy!

Fried eggs on toast 

This hack can only really be done on the days the Caf serves fried eggs, but it is a really healthy way to start your day! Start by ordering your typical fried egg order. While the eggs are being made, take as many pieces of whole wheat toast as eggs ordered and begin to toast them. Once the toast is finished, put a small handful of spinach on each slice of toast. At around this time, your eggs are likely to be cooked; place one fried egg on each piece of toast. I prefer to top my eggs on toast with sriracha hot sauce, but I will leave that up to preference! This hack also works really well when the Caf serves brunch, because you can use the loaves of bread offered from the deli and also put hummus on the toast for an extra protein boost. 

Hummus and pita bread 

Pita bread can be found in either the KOVE or the deli. Although the KOVE pita bread is better than the pita found at the deli, the deli is more likely to be stocked with it. Order a plain piece of pita bread, and put it through the toaster. While your pita is toasting, get one of those small bowls found by the ketchup and fill it with olive oil and hummus. Top off the oil and hummus with the red pepper flakes found above the right-hand salad bar. Retrieve your pita from the toaster, dip your pita in the hummus mixture and enjoy! To round out this meal, I do preferably like to get some cucumbers from the salad bar as a side. 

Steamed vegetables

This is a hack that I only discovered recently, but now I use it nearly every day. All you have to do is get a bowl, fill it with any sort of vegetable you want, put in some water and microwave the veggies for 1.5 minutes. I usually steam broccoli, but I also love to steam spinach as well. This is the perfect healthy side to any dish!