Caf Review: Chips and Guacamole


Shane Shuma ’22, Associate Sports Editor

I am a Texan, and as such I am a fan of chips and the many different things, they can be dipped in. One of the classic, but also one of the more premium chip dips, is guacamole. Guacamole is made with avocado and other ingredients and, when done correctly, is my favorite chip dip. 

I have had guacamole from some restaurants in Carlisle, but I have found no better alternative than the guacamole in the Caf. Because it is always in demand when it is served, I constantly find the guacamole consistently fresh when I go to grab some. I also like the quality of the chips. It is also very creamy while still possessing a solid crunch because while it has many ingredients they are blended well. 

They are never stale, and they are always firm enough to support a good amount of guac. I am always surprised by how little chips I need to eat a large portion of guac. Sometimes it is so good that I will have an entire meal consisting of chips and guacamole. I would recommend the guacamole bar to anyone who is looking for a fresh side dish or even an entire meal.