Student Spotlight: Ellery Coleman ’22


Alexandra Fosbury '21, Life & Style Editor

Hometown: West Chester, PA

Pronouns: She, her, hers

Majors and Minors: Art History and Political Science

Campus Involvement: Kappa Alpha Theta, Trout Gallery Assistant

What part of campus life is important to you and why?: Theta has greatly impacted my campus experience by connecting me with so many other women of different majors and ages that I likely wouldn’t have ever crossed paths with otherwise. My sisters are an amazing resource and support system.  On a simple daily basis, its wonderful to constantly see so many friendly faces across campus and to be united by an organization with a long history and tradition nationally, and at Dickinson.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?: What counts as free time anyway? I love to paint, I miss taking studio classes. I like oil and watercolor as well as acrylic. I play piano, although not as frequently as I should anymore. I also like to get of campus in my free time, so I’ll go for walks in the neighborhoods near campus or head to Miss Ruth’s Time Bomb or Pomfret Books.

Where is your favorite place on campus?: The two places I always show any non-Dickinsonian who visits me are the Trout Gallery and Denny 317 since I visit both a couple times a week or more. The Trout is always peaceful and Denny 317 is a beautiful room and one that hasn’t changed much over the years I imagine. My favorite underrated study place is reading area on the first floor of Stern.

What do you love most about being a student at Dickinson?: I love having small classes and knowing most of the professors in a department but much more so I love the campus and the history of all the old academic buildings.

Fun Fact: I studied abroad this summer as a sophomore, because yes, you can do that! My goal is to eventually become a UK citizen.