And Now, Get to Know a First-Year… Maritriny Galvez-Ceron ‘24


Carolina Carneiro, Guest Writer

Name: Maritriny (mary-tree-knee) or Mari

Where you’re Zooming from: Baltimore, Maryland

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Prospective major/minor: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Biology or Neuroscience (around those areas, with a focus on a pre-med track)

What’s something that surprised you about online learning?

All of my professors are very understanding especially now that we’re learning online. Although online learning can be a little intimidating and there is always that awkward silence in class, I think it’s a matter of time until I start getting comfortable speaking in front of a camera.

How are you meeting other first-years and staying connected?

What plays a big role for this generation is the accessibility of social media. The Facebook group has been a great resource for us to meet new first-years too.

What’s something you do to balance your academic and personal life, especially now with online learning?

As of now, I am still trying to find that balance, and my “me time” throughout the day. The high school to college transition is a big step and sometimes it is difficult to find your own personal routine.

What are you most looking forward to when you’re on campus?

Honestly, to finally meet all my “virtual” friends and professors in real life. Ever since online learning began, everything has been a prediction of how my friends, classmates, and professors are in reality. Being on campus will be a very exciting moment to finally have face-to-face interactions. 

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

The ability to teleport. Knowing we only have a 10-minute break in between classes, I can just imagine the rush I’ll be in trying to make it on time. Therefore, having the ability to teleport to the building my class will be in would be very beneficial. 

Fun fact:

I love working out and going on hikes! I also say “snickerdoodle” and “yup a doodle” several times throughout the day.