Student Spotlight: Vicente Blas Taijeron


Carolina Carneiro '24, Staff Writer

Name: Vicente Blas Taijeron 

Class: 2024

Where you’re Zooming from: Tamuning, Guam 

Pronouns: he/him/his 

Prospective major/minor: Chinese on the Pre-Health track 

Have you encountered any unexpected challenges with online learning?

Going to classes over Zoom has definitely been a struggle.  My eyes often feel tired after hours of staring at a screen, going to various classes and meetings.  However, I’ve learned to combat Zoom fatigue by taking breaks whenever I have time in between classes.  Additionally, I try to alternate my setting for classes because moving around makes me feel more awake and productive.   

What changes have you had to make to your schedule, due to the time difference?

Guam is 14 hours ahead of Pennsylvania, so I usually begin attending classes at around 11:30 PM and end at around 2:45 AM on most days.  This drastic change has been something that I’ve had to get used to. Over time, I’ve learned that staggering my sleep out while also making time for routine self care and de-stressors is the best way for me to adjust to this change.  

How are you meeting other students and staying connected?

I’ve met other students by participating in various clubs and organizations. It has been really amazing getting to connect with people all over the world and learning about new perspectives!  Dickinson has also done a great job of exposing me to new virtual opportunities that help me learn more about the community and stay connected!

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of class? 

Being an island boy, my favorite thing to do outside of class is to go to the beach.  The vibrancy of the ocean makes me feel calm, and it also serves as a way for my family and I to get out of the house, bond, and stay active.  

What languages do you speak? Would you like to learn any others?

Right now, I speak my native language of CHamoru and English. I would absolutely love to learn Mandarin!  I’ve been quite an avid fan of Mandarin music and Chinese pop culture in general, so being able to speak the language fluently would help me understand the culture more and put my interests into context.  

Fun fact:

I aspire to become an Obstetrician-Gynecologist in order to help fight for better and more affordable healthcare for womxn. Additionally, I hope to use my position to serve communities of indigenous womxn in my home island and throughout the world in order to improve their quality of life, which has been greatly affected by years of societal injustices.  

Anything else you want to share?

I run a personal movement Instagram account talking about social issues in Guam and in CHamoru culture, feel free to follow it @atanyanekungokguahan. I also serve as secretary and run the Dickinson Minority Association for Pre-Health Students’ new Instagram page, follow us @follow.themaps!