How to Fend off Seasonal Depression: Quarantine edition

Deeanna Findlay '22, Guest Writer

Dealing with the state of the nation right now is not easy, and the approaching dark weather can either defeat or inspire us these next couple of months. Here are some ideas that have been very useful in my experience with the seasonal disorder.

A lot of our time outdoors has significantly dropped this quarantine. When’s the last time you really walked and observed the nature changing around you? Taking walks in the evening with a friend, or during the day, won’t replenish any lost vitamin D; however, it provides clearer thoughts and crisper air reawakening the mind like a dorm room, home, or zoom meeting can’t.

Give yourself something to look forward to! Any physical activities such as yoga, running, or biking can be a great activity to warm the body and get the heart racing. By joining clubs or starting a job you can also sharpen a skill and make a new group of friends and colleagues this winter (because quarantine definitely gets lonely). 

If you feel like you’ve been indulging in too many of your blue sweatshirts and grey hoodies as the cold begins to arrive, start to give your wardrobe a pop of color. Wearing neon green in October is definitely for the brave, but it’s as simple as wearing burnt orange tones and brighter red to introduce a personal element of pop when you look at yourself in the mirror. The better we dress for ourselves, the better we feel about ourselves.

Most importantly, combating seasonal depression starts at the moment we wake up and sets the tone for the rest of my days. Using my “Morning acoustics” playlist on Spotify and a dash of some lavender oil behind the ears really helps me jump start my day. 

When it gets really hard to get out of bed, I have a toolkit to rely on to help me set the entire tone of my day. Playing your favorite song, drinking your favorite fall-time beverage, or even a five minute written check in to the self provides simple (but much needed) morning self-pampering for such a great person like yourself.

Ultimately, being sad amid changing weather can happen, even with all of these tips being used to the best of our capabilities. All of my advice has two things in common: self-appreciation and giving yourself the incentive to enjoy your days! Sustaining the happiness that we create in ourselves can take us so far this season. Stay great and have a happy autumn!