Let’s Get Reel: Julie and The Phantoms


Julie and the Phantoms. Courtesy of dailyimagesearch.com.

Sophie Martin '21, Staff Writer

A killer soundtrack, sick clothes, and some insanely cute ghosts are just a few of the things that the new teen series, Julie and The Phantoms, brings to Netflix for viewers to enjoy. Partially directed and executively produced by the one and only Kenny Ortega, who gave the world High School Musical and Descendants, has yet again graced our screens with a show that hits all the right notes (pun intended). Although appearing to be geared towards a particular age group, the show has gained fans of all ages (as you can see by me, a 21-year-old, writing a review for the show). After watching the show twice myself, it is safe to say this is one of the best new TV shows on Netflix, and I know many people would agree with me. 

*Spoilers Ahead*

The series follows the journey of Julie Molina (Madison Reyes). She has just lost her mom, along with her love for music. Julie was always connected to music through her mom, and with her gone, Julie is ready to leave music behind for good. Enter three ghosts. However, these are not your typical, scary ghosts that haunt you and keep you up at night. On the contrary, Luke (Charlie Gillespie), Alex (Owen Joyner), and Reggie (Jeremy Shada) are just about the exact opposite of your ordinary ghosts. Besides being totally adorable, they also have some insane musical skills, having been in a band together before they died in 1995. Together, they help Julie find her love of music again.  

The story made me laugh and cry. Its message of love and friendship is something I think all of us need right now, when many of us are separated from our friends and wishing for some connection. The soundtrack is fantastic, with 15 original songs that will get stuck in your head the minute you listen to them (I know I haven’t been able to stop humming the tunes since I first watched the show). The dialogue is snappy and just a little bit silly, but in the best way possible. The relationships between the four main characters bring a warm and happy feeling to the whole show that is infectious, so if you are having an off day, turn on Julie and The Phantoms. I can assure you it will bring a smile to your face.