Listen Up: Léon’s Sophomore Album, Apart

Apart cover art. Courtesy of

Apart cover art. Courtesy of

Amanda Wampler '24, Associate Managing Editor

Swedish singer-songwriter Léon released her sophomore album, Apart, on October 30th. The album documents her life after a breakup and during the pandemic. This album comes just one year after her first album, and it is just as smoky, emotional, and captivating as her previous one. 

Léon’s music is inspired by the music of the ‘60s and ‘70s, but retains a sense of current-day indie pop, which makes her sound incredibly unique. Apart has a good mix of fast-paced songs like “And It Breaks My Heart” and “Crazy/Stupid,” along with slower, emotional songs, like “Tell Me” and “Falling Apart.” Throughout all of her songs, Léon’s smoky, deep vocals are the star. The stripped-back style of “Head and Heart on Fire” shows her natural talent that she holds and she carries that style throughout the album.

Though this intimate album was not as stand-out as her self-titled debut album, it still allowed listeners to see a more personal side of her. The album as a whole retained her indie pop sound, with each song bringing in something unique to make it stand out. In “Seventeen,” she mirrored techniques used in many 90s songs to create a retro sound. In “In A Stranger’s Arm,” she used a soft guitar to create a magical feeling of love and loss. In “Chasing a Feeling,” she utilized a blend of upbeat and melodic piano to create a song that makes listeners feel like they are in a movie. Overall, each song on the album entices a feeling out of listeners without becoming overly emotional.

I highly anticipated this album, and I was not disappointed  . Léon tested her usual formula from her debut album by trying new things, truly showcasing her growth as an artist. Léon’s raspy, enchanting voice was enough to hold the album up, but combined with her longing, emotional lyrics and unique indie pop sound, it was beautiful. 

Apart is a stunning portrayal of Léon’s personality. It gives listeners a deeper look into who she is and where she is going as a musician. I would highly recommend giving this album a listen, especially the song “Chasing a Feeling.”