Pod Spotlight: 2B or Not 2B


2b or not 2b at convocation. Photo courtesy of Carolina Carneiro.

Carolina Carneiro '24 , Associate Life & Style Editor

Pod: Adams 2B

Pod nickname: 2B or not 2B

Pod mates: Amanda Wampler ‘24, Caro Carneiro ‘24, Emily Curtiss ‘24, Alora Montgomery ‘24 (and others coming in February!)

Favorite Grab & Go meal?

Amanda: BBQ wings
Caro: Sweet & sour chicken
Alora: Poke bowl
Emily: Sandwiches

Favorite pod activity?

Amanda: “I have loved getting to know my pod mates more since we moved onto campus. Playing card games and watching TV shows with them has been the highlight of the week for me and it is nice knowing that I have a support system within my pod that I can depend on.”

Caro: “I love when we share high school stories, it’s so interesting getting to hear about such different experiences than my own.”

Emily: “I’ve really enjoyed when we get together and talk about our intellectual interests and discuss ideas and discoveries across different academic fields that we are interested [in] and passionate about.”

Alora: “I really liked when we played Cards Against Humanity a few nights ago. Sometimes I just need to laugh so hard it hurts my stomach and that definitely did the trick for me.”

Fun story:

Alora: “One of the best stories is before Emily had moved in but Caro, Amanda, and I had already moved in. Emily was in the group chat created by our senior mentor, but we couldn’t find her on social media, nor had she moved in yet. We joked around that she either didn’t exist or was a ghost until I’m pretty sure we actually started to believe it.”