Listen Up: Adam Melchor “Begin Again”


Photo courtesy of Genius

Amanda Wampler '24,, Associate Managing Editor

Singer-songwriter Adam Melchor is back with a new single, “Begin Again,” which sounds like a warm welcome to spring by conjuring images of new beginnings. Melchor, who recently signed to Warner Records, is on a fast track towards the top-hits list as he continues to release new singles and gain popularity.

“Begin Again” focuses on the narrators’ trip towards finding happiness after something good comes to an end. In the first verse, Melchor sings, “I broke a tooth on Tuesday night/ Chewing on a bottle top / That’s when the penny dropped / And I’m not too proud to say I cried / Even as the bleeding stopped / It hit me all at once.” These lyrics paint a vivid picture of the narrator feeling the pain of losing something important. As the song continues, you hear him begin to cope with the pain while still feeling its presence at all times. He uses the analogy of a broken tooth throughout his whole song, saying that though the pain may subside, there will always be a lasting impact.

This song is so relatable for almost anyone because I think we all know the feeling of losing something good. Melchor’s voice is soft but powerful as he makes listeners feel what he is feeling. His enchanting voice is familiar in all songs as he tells new stories through his songwriting. In his other recent single, “Last Time,” he sings about losing a loved one and never knowing when it will be the last time you get to see them. The pandemic has made the fear of losing someone suddenly a common fear, and Melchor captures that feeling vibrantly and beautifully.

 On March 19th, he will be releasing an album that is an accumulation of something that Melchor has done for the past year called The Lullabye Hotline. Each Sunday night, Melchor has sent his fans a song, which is sometimes a cover and sometimes a brand new song. This March, These songs will be brought together and made into a Mixtape for a release on streaming platforms. Additionally, he is also creating the Lullaby Hotline Podcast: a more formal version of his past hotline that was sent by text.

As a big fan of Melchor, I am so excited to see where he goes from here. Now that he has signed onto a label, I imagine big things up the road for him. If you have not ventured into Melchor’s discography, I would strongly recommend you check him out.