Covid Safe Spring Break!


Amanda Wampler '24, Associate Managing Editor

This year, any student who will be staying on campus all semester will also be required to not leave campus during spring break in March. While this might not be the ideal college spring break, there are still plenty of ways to have fun on campus with your pod. 

These first two were both suggested by the school to students.

U Turn

This is a volunteer opportunity advertised by the school for Monday, March 15th. U Turn is a program that takes donations from college students moving out of their dorms for a huge flea market in the summer. As stated in a recent email to students, this opportunity is “looking for volunteers who are interested in giving back to the community to give some of their time on Monday, March 15 to pick up items from two on-campus drop off locations and bring them to the storage trailer on campus. You would only need to be available March 15 from 12-4pm.” 

Spring Break Challenge

The Spring Break Challenge, hosted by Dickinson, is a way to get out and explore the town of Carlisle. Students should hit the town, following some suggestions on the flyer above, take a photo, and post it with #dsonreslife for a chance to win $30 to a dining establishment of your choice in town.

The last few are just suggestions about how to have fun while still staying COVID-19 safe.

Picnic on the lawn

What better time to picnic than during spring? Pick up some food in town from Issei Noodle, Taqueria Laurita, or The Grazery, grab a blanket and a few podmates, and relax in the nice weather for the afternoon.

Roommate movie night

If you have a roommate, set up a fun movie night for both of you! Get your favorite snacks, from popcorn to candy, and set up a movie on a laptop for a cozy night in.

Cooking a meal

If you are living on campus somewhere with access to kitchen appliances, test out your cooking skills with your podmates. Find a great recipe, make something fully from scratch, and plate it for an Instagram-worthy dish. 

Discover Carlisle

Especially for first-year students, this is a great opportunity to discover everything there is to see in Carlisle. You can pick up some coffee from Denim, grab a new book from Whistlestop Bookstore, and end the day thrifting new clothes at C-Luv. In Carlisle, there are plenty of ways to spend your days. 

This might not be the spring break that anyone was necessarily expecting this year, but even on campus, there are plenty of ways to have a good time with friends and be safe.