A How-To Guide for Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine

Amanda Wampler '24, Co-Associate Managing Editor

Are you wondering if you can get your vaccine right now? Are you trying to figure out how to get an appointment? Follow along with this article to see a comprehensive guide of when you are eligible and how to make your appointment.

Right now in Pennsylvania, we have just entered Phase 1B of the vaccine rollout on April 5. According to the Department of Health for Pennsylvania, this will include all of the people from Phase 1A plus education workers, postal workers, people in congregate settings, first responders, and more. For explanation of Phase 1B and other phases, click here. Additionally, you can use this Your Turn checker to find out when you are eligible. 

If you are currently eligible, the next step is to find a provider of the vaccine. By using this link, you can view a map that shows all the providers near you and links to make appointments with specific providers. Some of the spots students of Dickinson have been going to include Sadler Health, Carlisle Community distribution center CVS, and Quality Cares.


Right now, vaccines are in high demand. To find an appointment, you will have to check the map often to see when appointments open up. The availability of the vaccine is frequently changing, so do not get disheartened if you cannot find an appointment right away.

Once you are scheduled for the vaccine, it is easy from there. Be sure to bring a required paperwork, ID, and health insurance information. You may be turned away if you do not have the appropriate paperwork. Show up to your appointment and there you will have the chance to schedule your second dose. 

Most people have mild side effects of fatigue, body aches, and headaches after their first shot, but these side effects are often stronger after getting the second shot. When you make your appointment, be aware that you may need a day to recover after your shot.

According to the Department of Health, Phase 1B started on April 5, Phase 1C will start on April 12, and on April 19, all Pennsylvania residents will be eligible.