Student Spotlight: Amna Fayyaz


The squash team, with Fayyaz pictured on the top row, second from right. Photo courtesy of Fayyaz.

Lauren David '24, Staff Writer

Fayyaz playing squash. Photo courtesy of Fayyaz.

Name: Amna Fayyaz

Class: 2024

Where are you from? Islamabad, Pakistan

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Prospective major and minor: International business and management major

What is your favorite course this semester and why?

This semester I have really enjoyed my time in Earth Hazards 141 with Professor Jordan Hayes. Not only is the course material engaging and interesting, but Professor Hayes is also a spectacular professor. Prior to taking this course, I never would have known how fascinating earth hazards could be and the impact they have on people and the environment. This class relates to the problems the earth faces today and has taught me a lot about the earth and the different hazards that pose a threat to it, as well as how we can work towards preventing these problems or learning how to deal with them.

What do you like most about Dickinson, having been on campus this semester?

During my time on campus this semester, I have come to call Dickinson College my new home. I am surrounded by so many wonderful individuals, friends and teammates that are like family to me. I don’t think I can pick just one thing that I love most about Dickinson. I love spending time on the court with our wonderful squash team, going to MOB events, just hanging out with my friends playing spike ball or bike riding around campus. There are so many things here at Dickinson College and I have had a great semester, even during this disruptive pandemic.

What are some clubs and organizations you are a part of at Dickinson?

I am on the varsity squash team, a part of the Outing Club and a member of the Junkyard Turkeys (the Frisbee Club). I have had a great time participating in these activities and hanging out with my fellow clubmates.

How long have you been playing squash for? What do you love most about the sport?

I have been playing squash for seven years now. I started playing professionally at the age of 16, and there is so much I love about the sport. Squash has been a major part of my life and has given me so many wonderful experiences. I have endured more pain and defeats compared to happiness and victories, and my journey with squash has helped me become the person I am today. The sport has disciplined me, taught me resiliency, and competitiveness. Squash has shown me that one has to overcome adversity by not giving up or being discouraged; rather, it is a constant struggle that leads to success.

But getting to travel around the world, competing in tournaments, meeting and making friends are some of the best parts of being a professional squash player. Squash, to me, is more than just a sport; it’s one of the most physical and mentally challenging sports where a player can never be too good. I am lucky to have travelled around the globe, to have met people and made friends while growing as a professional as well as an individual. Squash has edified me to give 110 percent every time I step onto the court and to push myself to the limits. I aspire to be seen as a role model for girls in Pakistan who are struggling to create a place for themselves in sports.

What competitions and tournaments have you competed in?

Throughout my professional career, I am fortunate enough to have played in tournaments around the world. One of my biggest achievements would be achieving my highest Professional Squash Association (PSA) World ranking of #87 at the age of 17. A a few of my major achievements at the professional level would be winning the PSA Balochistan International Squash League (BISL) 3 5K tournament held in Quetta, Pakistan, the PSA Pakistan International Squash Circuit in 2019, and clinching silver at the SAG (South Asian Games) 2019 tournament in Kathmandu, Nepal. 

During my junior career, some of my highlights would be winning the 8th Rehana Nazar Championship in Rashidabad, Pakistan, clinching 3rd place in the 2018 JC Lindsay Scottish Junior Open in Edinburgh, Scotland, and earning a Bronze Medal in both the Japan Junior Open (Silver Event) in Yokohama, Japan and at the 3rd CMS Borneo Asian Junior Championship (Gold Event) in Kuching, Malaysia.

What are you looking forward to the most when we return to campus in the fall?

I am optimistic that things will be closer to normal when we return in the fall. I am very excited to meet and be on the court with the entire squash team. Having a fall squash season is the best part about the fall and I can’t wait to compete against other schools and represent Dickinson both individually and as a member of the squash team. Another thing I am looking forward to is attending classes in-person and meeting the rest of my class.

Fun fact?

Other than squash, I love composing music/beats and playing other sports. I have also been to more than 10 countries and can solve a rubik’s cube in under a minute.