Summer Break Blueprint: AJ Massaro ’24

Saurya Tuladhar '24, Social Media Editor

Hometown: South Plainfield, New Jersey

Intended Major: International studies and middle east studies double major with a minor in Arabic

What are your plans for the summer? 

This summer I will spend a significant amount of time working in retail. I work at a small liquor store in my town and I mainly handle shipments, stock shelves, and work the register. Outside of that, I will hopefully be safely visiting friends that I have made over the last semester and reconnecting with them before the start of next semester. 

What is something productive that you would like to do?  

I will be polishing up my Arabic over the summer. As I have learned in the past, I know it is easy to lose track of a language over an extended break. I am hoping to expand my understanding of the language. 

How has COVID impacted your summer plans? 

It has definitely made me reconsider my plans. I will most likely not be traveling as much over the summer and will limit my contact with friends significantly. If not for COVID, I would 100 percent be trying to travel more over the course of the summer. As a person who loves to travel, it will be difficult to spend so much time at home, but I’ll try to make the best of it and maximize any travel that I can fit in.