Carlisle Antique Mall

Josephine Ek '25, Guest Writer

Just a ten-minute walk from campus lies the Carlisle Antique Mall. When you first step in, there is always something fun to look at, such as old-time photos and trinkets, but this is just the first floor. In the basement below, there’s a maze of vintage and modern clothing, from jaw-dropping outfits from every decade to last season’s American Eagle skirt. Every piece is priced fairly, which is like a breath of fresh air for college students. In the thrifting world, fun men’s clothing is sometimes a challenge to find, but this doesn’t apply to the Carlisle Antique Mall. On the second floor, there are more clothes to be found and almost anything else you can imagine. There are antiques of every size and shape, from silverware to couches. For music lovers, there are hundreds of records and CDs. For art lovers, there is an equal amount of paintings and unique pieces to look at.

The Carlisle Antique Mall is a little community of its own because the goods are from different vendors. It is easy to tell where one vendor’s setup ends and the next one starts because they all have distinct aesthetics, making the store even more of an adventure. Shopping there is beneficial to many Carlisle locals, since a lot of the vendors are from around the area. In the age of fast fashion and constant online shopping, buying goods and clothing second-hand is a great choice as a consumer.

Overall, the Carlisle Antique mall is one of those places you need to see for yourself and is a great store to explore with family members and friends who come visit. There is always something new and exciting to see.