B&L Restaurant Review

B&L Caribbean Restaurant is the newest restaurant in the Carlisle community, opening just five weeks ago on September 17th. B&L Caribbean began as B&L Dogz in 2018, a food cart owned by Mr. Bryan and Mrs. Latoya Landers, selling hot dogs and other American delicacies. B&L slowly expanded into two carts and eventually into a food trailer with more food options and events such as Taco Tuesday. When asked about the transition from food cart to Caribbean restaurant, Mrs. Latoya Landers stated, “My husband’s mind is always whirling”. Mrs. Landers explained that her husband, Mr. Bryan Landers’s mother was from St. Lucia, and B&L Caribbean was inspired by Mr. Landers’s heritage and his desire to continue his mother’s legacy. Despite B&L’s recent opening and the difficulty of opening amidst the pandemic, Mrs. Landers stated “They (the Carlisle community) support us a lot. I think everyone in Carlisle [and] the surrounding area has been here,”. The Landers’ restaurant attracts different nationalities and they meet various people through their restaurant. “We love what we do”, Mrs. Landers said. She also adds that her and her husband’s vision for the future is expanding their restaurant and perhaps creating.  

I first visited B&L Caribbean on October 13th, and from the moment I walked in, I was greeted with the fragrance of spices from the various Caribbean foods. B&L has a welcoming ambience and was filled with the sounds of soca music and friendly chat between the owners and their guests. In the restaurant, there is a small dining area adjacent to the counter where people are served, and there is also outside seating, behind the restaurant. There are a multitude of Caribbean foods to choose from, a few of which includes curry chicken, jerk chicken and oxtails. I ordered curry chicken, plantain, and rice and beans. From my first bite of food to my last, I was truly captivated by the flavor of the dishes. Many others speak highly of B&L, evidenced by their near 5-star rating on Google. Despite being a new addition to the food scene, B&L continues to attract Carlisle residents and Dickinsonians alike, giving everyone a taste of the Caribbean.