Fashion Spotlight: Amelia Scarborough-Scharf ’25

Photo courtesy of the author.

Photo courtesy of the author.

Ellie Ward '25, Guest Writer

Name: Amelia Scarborough-Scharf

Pronouns: she/her

Hometown: Manhattan, New York

Major: Undecided, but likely Psychology with maybe a double major in anthropology

How would you define your fashion style?

“I would define my fashion style as resourceful and creative! I get most of my clothes from thrift stores or from my sister or friends. Some I have had for a long time, some are recent acquisitions! Every piece has a different life to it and I like to mix and match what I have, either focusing on color-coordination or building a look that feels like its own identity.”

How do you feel when you like your outfit?

“If I like my outfit, I feel comfortable in myself and a sense of pride. We all have a desire to feel like the ideal versions of ourselves and sometimes clothes are the gateway to that experience. When I wear an outfit that I really like, I feel excited and hopeful in a way.”

How has your style changed over time, and why?

“I think that I used to buy clothes that fit the descriptive norms I perceived around me. I never knew much about fashion besides popular stores or trends that I would sometimes follow along with. Over time, however, I realized that I had the agency to wear whatever I thought spoke to me. I pay attention to trending styles around me but I don’t think I’ve ever been particularly good at merging with them completely. Recognizing that, though, over time has given me the freedom to wear what I find fun and pleasing to the eye.”

What’s the most important aspect to your everyday style?

“Comfortability, to be honest! That goes for physical comfort as well as mental comfort. Knowing that I can slouch and relax into whatever I am wearing (for the most part, it still varies outfit-to-outfit), as well as knowing that I am wearing something that is relatively true to me and the versions of myself that I am, are most important.”