Dawn Fm

Adam Mast '25, Guest Writer

In the pop world of today, no one can craft a single quite like The Weeknd. Throughout the last few years, he has soared high in streaming charts as well as sales records, claiming five number 1 hits under his belt. His most recent full-length album, Dawn FM , was eagerly awaited after his previous album After Hours. The Weeknd scores yet another success, delivering a cohesive, catchy, daring, and fully entertaining album.

Dawn FM opens with a hallucinatory sound full of synthesizers reminiscent of The Weeknd’s older work. This signature sound is evident throughout the entire record. This iconic sound is addicting and he knows it. As soon as we hear his voice, the familiar comfort and style of his singing are immediately recognizable. The Weeknd’s sound conveys the psychedelic experience that he is striving for. 

In this release, The Weeknd captures a lost relic of the music world; the radio show. Every few tracks, world-renowned comedian Jim Carrey provides a calming interlude, guiding us as we await our death in purgatory. The radio show motif is woven perfectly throughout the album. For me, it brought back the nostalgic feeling of listening to the radio, an activity that has been seemingly lost in the era of streaming.  The album delivers a fleshed-out story amid the catchy tracks. Transporting the reader into purgatory, as they listen to Carrey’s radio show awaiting their death. The Weeknd’s lyricism is deep, psychedelic, and post-apocalyptic, creating a gripping story within the album.

  Towards the middle of the album, Tyler the Creator is featured on my second favorite song of the album. In “Here We Go… Again”, the Weeknd and Tyler team up to craft a superb song. The Weeknd’s airy vocals contrast the ruggedness of Tyler’s rap verse. As always, Tyler’s lyrics are powerful and poignant, telling a story of falling in love and the anxiety of long-term commitment.  

My favorite song on the album is the penultimate track “Less Than Zero”. This song features an addictive synth run that repeats throughout the song, leading into the chorus. The chorus showcases the Weeknd’s great lyricism and voice. The production on the track is simple but full enough to not leave the track feeling empty. Eventually, the song opens into an explosive synth solo that builds on all the sounds introduced in other tracks of the album. “Less Than Zero” has all the ingredients of a hit Weeknd single and is an exceptional album closer.  

Dawn FM is a cohesive and well-deserving addition to The Weeknd’s album portfolio. Featuring the theme of a radio show, poignant lyricism, and addictive tracks, Dawn Fm is one of the best albums released in 2022.