Dickinson Farm Opens Store On Campus

Dickinson Farm Opens Store On Campus

While the idea has been floating around since 2018, Dickinson College Farm Works finally opened on March 21, 2022. With the intention to be a bridge between the College Farm and campus, this new dining option offers grab-and-go salads and soups made from College Farm ingredients as well as multiple products made at the farm. Managed by Dickinson staff and students, Farm Works offers that farm-to-table experience, closing the “distance between campus and the farm” says College Farm Director Jenn Halpin. It also offers “ways of better educating the campus community and wider community about the farm.” Student worker Clare Hallman ’23 explains how she likes “how it’s in town because you get local Carlisle people that come in” as well as Dickinson students and staff.

In addition to the freshly made menu that switches every day, Farm Works offers a “bring your own container” sustainable fill station that provides an array of products for students to purchase. Included in this section is rolled oats, popcorn, snack mix and laundry detergent. In accordance with Dickinson’s sustainability initiative, this station offers an alternative to limit the number of plastics that end up in the ocean each year. Other products the store has in stock are local from the community: wool balls, yarn, seeds, canned goods and succulents line the room.

The food consists of primarily vegetarian or vegan options, mostly sourced from the farm. Gregory Kintzele ’25 said that “I have had the potato mustard salad. It was really good! A great alternative to the dining hall!” Many students have expressed a similar excitement towards the opening of the store, Eliza Coull ’25 said she was specifically excited for the plants and yarn that are being sold.

Farm Works is currently in a seven week trial period, with the intention to have an evaluation at the end to decide the fate of the project. You can help keep this new dining option going by visiting the store yourself! It’s open Mondays through Fridays, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and accepts credit card, declining balance, and cash. They are working with Dining Services with the intention to hopefully accept other meal plans in the future.

The farm store is a beacon of sustainability, with efforts to encourage local eating and the bring your own container refill station, the farm store is another way Dickinson students can go green.

Dickinson has always tried to include the Carlisle community with their environmental awareness efforts and the farm store is another way to show people how easy it is to think consciously regarding the environment.