A SNAR Review for the New Semester


As many of you are well aware, Union Station functions significantly differently this year than it did last year. With a different layout, no online ordering, and no made-to-order coffee drinks or food, things certainly have been shaken up these first two weeks. I want to bring attention to the only important changes: the food. What is the same, what is new, what is worth your time and swipes?

Last weekend, my roommate was struck down by COVID, and, being a close contact, I decided to avoid the caf while my isolation period was in effect. Because of this I became well acquainted with all that the SNAR has to offer and tried to make the best of it with my Any 15 plan. 

What is the best thing to grab? The chicken sandwich has got to be my all-time favorite, plus this year they seem to have changed the cooking method or the chicken for the better. The meat has more of a griddle cooked appearance and comes by itself on a bun. This is where you get to customize it if you are smart, and I recommend using the salad bar to do so. My go to is mayo, tomato, lettuce, onion, and cheese with the chicken sandwich. This also goes for the veggie burgers as well as the cheeseburgers, you gotta customize it to really make the most out of your meal. 

No news to report on the grab and go meals, but I will say that the sandwiches are slept on. If you want a quick meal or something that is easy to store in your fridge, try using up your extra swipes by stocking up on ham sandwiches (or veggie pitas for my non-meat eating audience). “Heat and Eat” meals are a good option too, but the selection doesn’t seem to have changed. The SNAR has seemingly gotten into the charcuterie game, offering a little smorgasbord of meats and such that is also in the cold case.

With my meal plan I can get sushi five times a week, and it is much the same as last year. I have noticed that with the introduction of the Any 15 dining plan the empty sushi case is a thing of the past. Just watch out on weekends; if the sushi doesn’t sell, it stays in the case and the rice gets a little stale. Also, at least once so far this semester, it seems as though a different company supplied for the school,using pink trays instead of the traditional black ones we are used to. These new offerings seem to go quickly and there’s no telling when we will see them again. But I got the chance to try a salmon maki roll that did not disappoint. 

Finally, keep an eye out for the illustrious apple fritter, the best pastry offered by the SNAR. Thankfully, they seem to be in the case more often than last semester, so take advantage of that sweet, sweet treat. Plus, with the new pastry case there have not been any SNAR flies this semester. Hopefully those little guys have found a new home and are doing well. 

Check out the new and debatably improved Union Station for yourself and keep praying that we will be able to get a chai latte there again soon.