Pagan Curious


Newly formed as of spring 2022, the Pagan Curious Club welcomes all open minded people willing to learn about alternative spiritual practices. The Pagan Curious Club is sponsored by the Center for Spirituality and Social Justice with a mission of  helping Pagan identifying students and people who are interested in Paganism to become more involved with the college. The purpose of the club is to create a community on campus for people who want an alternative to traditional religions. The word Pagan derives from the Latin word “Paganus” as a term used by early Christians to describe those who did not worship Christinianity.

Anna Nasser ’25 was  a founder of the group and identifies as Pagan. Nasser describes her relationship with Paganism as “…a way for me to connect with the Earth and a way to connect with the people who have come before me.” She explained that Paganism is a spiritual practice that is very diverse, and while Nasser participates in practices that are connected with the past and the Earth, there are those who do deity work such as Hellenic Pagans, who worship ancient Greek gods.

Nasser is connecting the Pagan Curious Club to the wider Dickinson community through their event, the Hunter Moon Harvest, on Sunday, October 9 as a part of Multifaith week. The goal of the Hunter Moon Harvest is to dismantle stereotypes about Pagans and to teach people about the spiritual identity of a Pagan. The Pagan Curious Club is also responsible for the series of posters on campus advertising their group and working to dismantle negative stereotypes. 

Nasser said that Cody Nielson was the one that inspired her and Marina Stylianou ’24, a Hellenic Pagan, to start the Pagan Curious club on campus to create a community here and “to decolonize how we interacted with spiritual practices.”  They have talked about dream catchers, a Native American tradition, and introduced a less problematic alternative, the witch’s ladder. 

The club meets in Althouse on Thursday or Friday afternoons at 4 or 5 pm and have an Instagram @dickinsonpaganq where they post updates. It is open to all people whether they are under the Pagan umbrella or interested in what Paganism is. Students can also visit them for the Hunter Moon Harvest and their table at Out on Britton.